Most people don’t have goals, they just drift through life reacting to problems, so they don’t know where they’re going, or whether they’re getting there. But, I think it is important to have goals for two reasons,


The first reason is what I call the GPS effect. Without noticing, we make lots of small decisions every day, and if you have a destination programmed into your subconscious mind then you’ll make the right decisions to take you in that general direction so you will end up getting there.


The second reason why goals are self-fulfilling is that having clear goals that excite you will lead to a big improvement in your self-discipline and your assertiveness. Why bother to be self-disciplined if you don’t have anything to aim for? But once you do, then nothing and nobody will be allowed to get in your way, so you’re much more likely to achieve something worthwhile. If you spend just a few minutes planning some goals, some big things that you want to achieve, then it will feel good to work towards them.


Your goals could be a mixture of home goals and work goals, some smaller goals and some larger goals, so that you can feel some rapid progress on the small ones, like redecorating a room, and have a nice feeling of working on a grand design for the larger long-term ones, like writing a book, or learning a language, so I’d like you to make a list of these right now. They have to be written down to show commitment. This list will not only make you happier, because you’ll achieve more, but it’ll also make you happier as you work towards that achievement, so please do start writing your list now, probably with categories like home and work, large and small.


This list will be useful for two main reasons. One, the act of writing it will feel good. Second it will actually set you on the road to achieving a work-life balance.


Your goal could be anything, redecorating a room, writing a book, organizing a band, growing vegetables in your garden, or setting up a sales webpage for jewelry that you make, or learning to speak a new language, anything where you have an objective and it takes you quite a long time to get there. During the process, you’ll have a nice feeling of making progress towards a worthwhile goal. So, it all starts with thinking about some goals, ideally for home and for work, and you should write these goals down, not just have them in your head, and this because by writing them down you’re telling yourself that you’re serious about them, then you’ll have something to move towards and you’ll get that nice feeling of progress.


This, I think, would be the first step towards work-life balance.