About Me

I’m Romuald Andrade, Author, Digital Strategist and a Productivity Geek. I help people achieve their personal goals by helping them design their life and business goals by helping them improve their digital marketing efforts. I have two beautiful young daughters who make my life complete.

I am the author of several books which are available on Amazon. My books are mainly in the genre of habits and self help.

I’m passionate about living a healthy, balanced life, about traveling, online business and productivity. My biggest passion though is growing, via continuously learning and teaching but it was not always like this…

Several years ago, I was mentally and physically exhausted. On the outside, I was a success, having just won the Employee of the Year award at the company where I worked.

This was no mean feat, since I was running against almost 5,000 other employees.

I was proud to be the manager of my award-winning team, a position where I understood the importance of productivity.

Yet I was on an eternal “hamster wheel,” always running against time to complete my work and stay ahead of the curve, with numerous distractions and roadblocks blocking my way.

I knew that I had to change my ‘CrazyBusy’ life… a change that came about when I read a book by Dr. Stephen Covey and decided to put it into action.

In order to be successful and happy, you have to pinpoint the things that are important to you.

It could be finding a particular job, having a happy relationship, fulfilling a desire to travel, or all of those things.

Your life has to be about what you want, not just what sounds cool or looks good to others.

Since I came to this realization, I have been working continuously on delivering my message to a large number of people. And my message is simply this – “You can design the life of your dreams and I can show you how to do that”

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