What I Do

I help busy professionals, who struggle with work-life balance to design the life of their dreams by giving them a framework to achieve and exceed their goals.

Work-Life Balance Solutions

Work-life balance is often misunderstood. Most workers think of work-life balance in terms of Paternity/ Maternity Leave, Number of hours per week etc. However, work-life balance is actually not just in the hands of your employer and you can do a lot yourself to get a better work-life balance….

Productivity & Time Management Solutions

Productivity is NOT about “Getting it ALL Done”. If you are headed in the wrong direction, it is absolutely useless – if you get there faster! Productivity is about Getting the RIGHT things done. The most accomplished people are simply ….

Project Management Solutions

Project Management is part of every job today. Even if you are not “Officially” designated as a Project Manager – the reality is that in today’s complex world – all of us have to be Project Managers whether it is planning a holiday for our families or planning a major new initiative at work. Our jobs and businesses require ….