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Productivity is NOT about “Getting it ALL Done”. If you are headed in the wrong direction, it is absolutely useless – if you
get there faster! Productivity is about Getting the RIGHT things done. The most accomplished people are simply experts at what they choose to do and know how to prioritize those things. Spend most of your time on the right things and the rest takes care of itself.

Pick Your Priorities – Order your tasks by priority. It’s always better to get a few important to-dos done than a bunch of
lesser ones.

When you’re trying to be productive, it’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to do it all yourself. Whether this means
micro-managing at work, or dealing with every little thing at home, it can initially seem like a way to make sure things are
done properly.

The result? You end up spending a lot of time on low-level tasks, you’re overworked, and you don’t have the time to pursue
activities that really excite you.

One possible solution is to practice saying no to everything except your priorities

When you stop saying yes to everything and overbooking your calendar, you automatically start accomplishing more.This isn’t
easy, so here are three questions you can ask yourself to help you decide what goes on your to-do list and calendar.

  • Do I really want to do this project? If not, why am I doing it? Can I eliminate all the tasks or at least reduce the number of
    tasks assigned to me?
  • Am I learning anything from doing this task? If I used to learn from this, and no longer do, is it time to move on?
  • Would I regret giving up this task?

But what about all those calls, emails, texts and other interruptions? First of all, accept that they’ll never stop. Other
people will always want something from you. It’s up to you to decide what you’ll do with them.

Back to those priorities – if the interruption supports your priorities, decide where it falls in your list of priorities and
act on it. If it doesn’t support your priorities, delegate it or eliminate it (in a nice way).

Some jobs do need to be done, however boring or tiresome they are. Perhaps you hate doing the dishes, or doing your taxes.
Whether it’s a personal or work task, look for ways to delegate:

  • Pass on low-level work tasks to junior colleagues (invest some initial time in teaching them how to do the job well –
    don’t just dump a task on them and expect them to figure it out).
  • Teach your kids how to perform basic chores. You might consider offering a small amount of extra pocket money in
  • Hire someone to clean your home once a week.
  • Let your spouse or older kids take a turn at cooking. It may not be up to your standards, but praise the results and the
    effort that went in.
  • Pay an accountant to do your taxes for you (a good accountant will save you more than his/her fee).

For the rest of the things that you cannot delegate – Do one thing at a time until it’s done! Forget Multi-tasking – When you
try to do many things at once, you end up not doing any of them very well. You are also likely to end up with many things
started and nothing finished.

Spend most of your time on the right things. Don’t wait for permission. And get comfortable declining everything by default.
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